Spiritual Development:

Everyone begins in an Apprenticeship Program, leading persons in the disciplines of a spiritual life in order to help to position them towards encountering God as they lead others by living by example.

Equipping the Saints:

We provide a militant Boot Camp School that is structured to break down every stronghold in a person’s life. All hindrances that stand in the way of the believer keeping him from going forth; teaching them how to engage in spiritual warfare and how to live out the Word of God; how to get the Word pass their heads to their heart for a changed life. Everyone must be a participator. There is no room to sit here at UTRM. We provide the necessary means through which people may identify, affirm, and engage their God-given gift so they may live and move in their Divine Destiny.


We believe it is a mandate for us to reach the lost beginning with our families. We go out in the communities and show them Christ. We visit homes and compel them to come in. Teaching and encouraging Christian disciples to abide in the command and commission given by Christ Jesus to share the Gospel of Salvation, to the unsaved and dying world, we are committed to pray earnestly for them until we see results. Storming the gates of hell is our burden for those who are lost, and for the believers who are deceived and walk carnal.

Community Outreach:

Leading, aiding, and attending to the needs of not only the least, the lost, and the left behind, but being a beacon of light of God socially, economically, physically, emotionally, and educationally, we reach out to the youth in our community and provide a safe place where they can come and exercise their energy, and learn who they are in Christ. We make living for God fun and exciting.