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Boot Camp for Christ Spiritual Warfare Training:

Sisters In Action (SIA)

Brothers Taking Authority (BTA)

Youth In Action (YIA)(16 -24 yrs old) (16-17 yrs old w/parent or guardian)

  • BASIC SALVATION 101 - Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is just the first step in salvation.  Learn to live a saved life and how to activate the Word of God in your life.  No matter how small or great, we believe that Jesus came into the world not to condemn it but to save that which was lost through confession of sins and restoration.
  • WEARING THE ARMOR OF GOD TRAINING (WAGT) 101 - An introduction to what is meant by wearing the Armor of God.  Learn the biblical meaning of this term and how to apply it in all areas of your life.  Learn how to be prepared for the world around you.
  • OFFENSIVE WEAPON TRAINING (OWT) 101 - In this class, learn what weapons are and how to effectively use them.  Take the position of readiness.  Apply these principles in every walk of life.


  • WARFARE and DELIVERANCE TRAINING (WDT) 101 - This class introduces you to recognizing spiritual forces and the many shapes and forms they may take.  An introduction to combating the negative influences will follow.  Active demonstrations are performed for proper training of the student.
  • PROPHETIC 101 - Learn how to hear the voice of the Lord and perfect the prophetic spiritual gift that God has made available to us.  Know when to speak and how to hear His voice.
  • LAYING ON OF HANDS (LOH) 201 (Prerequisite:  WDT 101) - This class instructs and demonstrates what laying on of hands means.  We are given the power to heal the sick--- "...they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover."  (Mark 16:18) But no healing comes without the correct method.